Trade show fun!


We often we team up with Coats / Ammco to perform in trade shows. We have been known to set up elaborate booths with over 5 pieces of equipment. We have great working relationships with our partners and help out when we can.

Largest twin post lifts on the market


35,000 lbs 2 post lifts. We work with many different construction companies. On this job we were the only contractor to meet our deadline! We are fortunate to offer a variety of high quality heavy duty lifts including these monsters from PKS Equipment.

Parallelogram Lift CFB Greenwood


Flush mounted 60,000 lbs lift installed in a day and half. A engineer flew down for install and was amazed by our ability to get this lift running in record time. Sam got to see our Province for 3 days because he booked 5 days here for install.

Guys hard at work using our boom truck instead of their backs!


In 2016 we purchased a 4,000 lbs boom truck with 12' flat bed. This took the demanding task of heavy lifting away from our technicians backs. 

Mitsubishi Halifax renovation 2018 Forward lifts and Alemite lubrication equipment


In 2018 we were approached by the Steele Auto group to supply lifts for renovation at Mitsubishi. We worked hard to set up the new service department. The new reno looks great!

Trained / Tested / Certified - Precision has made a commitment to ongoing training


We invest in our technicians so our clients technicians are safe. We have attended factory training with over 13 Manufacturers of lifting equipment. We also have the only Certified inspectors in Atlantic Canada