How often do I need my lift inspected?

Automotive lifts in the Maritime Provinces have to be inspected by the operator daily as per manufacturers recommendations as well as annually as per ANSI/ALI/ALOIM:2008 standard. The owner of the lift is to insure he/she provides a competent person to complete this inspection. 

Do jacks and stands require inspection?

The answer is yes - ASME standards require that all mobile lifting and holding devices be inspected annually. We have performed this service for our clients for over 20 years.

Why should we do business with you?

The simple answer is experience and honesty. Nobody has more experience then our company. Our techs are not paid to sell parts or lifts. Also we have a working owner who you can call on, he understands your equipment and the importance of having it run safely and efficiently. 

How long should my lift last?

Commercial grade lifts can last a very long time. All though we are seeing about 15-20 year life out of today's lifts. The key to longevity is to keep salt and water from painted surfaces. undercoat posts near floor and never overload your lift.

How do i know my lift inspector is competent?

This is easy for us as we can show you our ALI Certification Badge. Others who are not certified we would expect to have some factory training and or testing. At the very least make sure your inspectors have insurance to perform the task at hand. There are people who inspect lifts and people who sell stickers.